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Alright, I'm gonna try to not be so mean this time XD first thing I noticed was the breasts. The size is alright in relation to the res...

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mothafuckin-sketchbirde.tumblr… this is my art tumblr if you care about seeing more of my art or keeping up with the new stuff i create. at this point, i'm mostly just keeping this account to have all my old art collected in one place. sorry if there's anybody left to be disappointed by this.
Adult and Chill Icon
Pic I drew for a group I'm in on Telegram to use as the icon (group name is now Chilllaxing, but can still be found @AdultandChill).
(Tagged for mature content because the patch on the dude's suit has a dick in it, sorry lol)
my son
another submission for the ace attorney collab (that is hellas late but oh well)...gonna be surreal seeing this one next to the one I did months ago :o
glad to have the privilege of contributing this lovely young boy...he is so near and dear to my heart...just incredible...*dramatically wipes away tear*
I grasped at what you claimed to be the meaty core of your fleshed being
and threw it to the dogs.
Shameless, instinctive, as though you were one of them,
you fetched it back.
So am I a bad trainer,
or are you a silly pet?
Intraspecies Bestiality
Can you tell I've been listening to a lot of Emilie Autumn lately
So I haven't been on in a few months, haven't even been checking my notifications...and every one of my friends on here seems to be leaving for various basically, I gradually have less and less keeping me here. It's not like I was ever all that popular on here anyways, but even the small community I did have kinda splintered long ago, so...why hang around, you know?
I mean, there are still people I know on here, and I have a lot of old art on here too, so I'm not going to just and up and leave, but...just letting y'all know I am seriously considering it, especially since I have enough on my plate already without having to keep up with this place. To be totally honest, it's probably been a good year at least since I was really committed to keeping up appearances on here, so idk why I even bother to keep coming back every now and then. Yeah, I had a good run with this site, but...I think it's about time to let go and hang up my hat. I hope y'all - or whatever's left of y'all - can understand.


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Requests Open Stamp by izka197 Art Trades Open Stamp by izka197

My drawings are lame
and so am I
But that's okay
because I try


IMPORTANT NOTE: I've made a decision regarding requests/commissions/art trades. I stand by my promise that I will draw/write anything and everything, but if it involves something I personally am uncomfortable with - a certain fetish or something extremely sexually explicit or gory or whatever - I will not post it publicly. Instead, I will note the requester with a link to the file. Please do not be offended if I choose to do this with something you request. It's nothing against you or your preferences. I'm not trying to be judgemental or anything. There are just certain things I am not comfortable with posting in my gallery. Everyone has their limits, as do I. Nonetheless, feel free to ask me to do whatever you like. I'll still create it, I just might not post it. Thank you for understanding. Carry on. :3

:iconwhizkat: - my moirail
:iconshycookiz: - my first friend here
:iconmayor-sou-chan: - adorkable queen of the fantrolls
:iconinucurry: - cutie-butt and yiffy queen
:iconrobotanlst: - cool dude, amazingly supportive, has the best OCs and fantrolls unf
:iconmetallicmaelstrom: - super helpful, very nice person, also a cool dude
:iconatomic-taco: - another cool dude whose username I always misspell
:iconspookoo: - great art style & p cool person
I feel like I forgot someone aaa

UPLOAD FINISHED REQUESTS!!! (Lol this is probs never gonna happen)
Drawing of old fantroll I never drew - PENDING
Contest entry for round 3 of Writing Tournament :iconwriters--club: - DONE
Request for :icontoddntheshiningsword: - DONE

No one expects the Spanish speed bump. - James May, Top Gear

Words of wisdom, my friends.

Fan of Homestuck, Hetalia, Hetastuck, Fandomstuck, Promstuck, Heinoustuck (does that have one s or two? I think one...) - yeah, pretty much anything with -stuck on the end is my thing. XD I also like Team Paradox owo

Other fandoms: Bates Motel, Hetalia, Breaking Bad, WTNV, Big Bang Theory, Professor Layton, Death Note, Ace Attorney, Gravity Falls, BBC Top Gear, Doctor Who, Homestar Runner, 1000 Ways to Die, Impractical Jokers (is that even a fandom? XD), others I can't think of atm

Pic is from a lyric video made by a fan of a song by the lovely and amazing and truly talented Emilie Autumn. owo I may take a selfie sometime when I'm feeling especially pretty. X3 Probably wearing either my homemade and kinda crappy Rose shirt or my Hetalia World Series shirt - OH OH OH AND MY FLYING MINT BUNNY RUBBER BRACELET. :D

*ahem* Anyways...

I have two troll OCs, if you care: Mireya and Dakari Tevrek. Dakari's the Ancestor/Alpha, Mireya is the Dancestor/Beta. IDK God Tiers because I need to figure out their personalities.

My birthday badge

Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair I Support Hetastuck (Stamp) by SkybornJazzHands Homestuck Stamp: Smilies by Kitsumon Homestuck stamppppp by ghostlycrab Stamp: Vriska by Shendijiro Stamp: Terezi by Shendijiro Stamp: Kanaya by Shendijiro :thumb291520613: :thumb293036090: :thumb290272860: :thumb280451270: :thumb333100595: :thumb333108361: Wayward Vagabond Stamp by rynald Wayward Vagabond by AlClair victory by Janbearpig Nyan Hussie by AHoundoomNamedBea wwizard by KALMASIS PUSSIES DON'T ABSCOND by irradiation MSP Comix Mak Me Smurt by irradiation god tier john stamp by rynald HS: John Egbert Stamp by Janbearpig HS: Dave Strider stamp by Janbearpig PCom - Dave Strider 3 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I love Homestuck by LadyQuintessence SH1TTY ST4MP by Dametora This One Is Okay by Dametora this 8e the l8st one by Dametora Another Alternate Stamp by Dametora a pranking MASTER by Dametora Next up is Rose by Dametora look it's that coolkid by Dametora F.IR?ST'G_U:AR+D'I-,AN by Dametora I'd Rather Be. . . Homestuck by KittyKit27 Mambostuck Rose by UsagiGami Mambostuck Terezi by UsagiGami Mambostuck Kanaya by UsagiGami Mambostuck Vriska by UsagiGami Mambostuck Jade by UsagiGami Mambostuck Dave by UsagiGami Mambostuck John by UsagiGami

I write like
J. D. Salinger

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

What Kind of Dere Are You?
What Kind of Dere Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Nepeta Leijon
Nepeta Leijon
Take What Homestuck character are you? today!
Created with <ahref="">Rum and Monkey</a>'s Personality Test Generator.</p>

I'm confused by this result XD well, okay, not really. I could tell which answers were the Kanaya ones, but I answered honestly instead, even though I kind of knew it would lead me to this...XD

You are a Badass Uke!

Other uke admire you, some seme fear you. Despite your sometimes flaming appearance, you can even fool other people into thinking you are seme with your mischievous, manipulative attitude, but when push comes to shove, your true submissive nature emerges. It takes a seme with enough intensity to challenge you and keep you satisfied, and your perfect match, the Don't Fuck With Me Seme, knows that all that naughty teasing just means you want the punishment.

Most compatible with: Don't Fuck With Me Seme, Chibi Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Romantic Seme

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or get yaoi merchandise..…

Eridan Ampora

You're... too emotional, at times. You need to tone it down a bit, not everything in life is a roller coaster of sadness and loneliness and anger. And just because someone dumped you doesn't mean that you can go whine about it to your friends! However, you aren't ALL that bad. When you care about someone, you will do anything to win them over. Really, you just want to be friends with people. Associated color: Purple Associated Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Okay, wow, this description is like...fricking spot on. qnq





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Hehe, I heard that right after World War 2, the military tried to invent the internet, actually, but it never took off and worked well enough... so in the end they only invented the protocol... that I think we actually still use... if I heard right. But yeah, you couldn't Google stuff in 1942! Because the internet they tried to invent didn't work! And they didn't try until after 1942. :XD:
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